Core Values

Historically, there have been some things that are very important to our church; and those things have not changed. For those who are looking for a church, you probably want to know what we value and what you would find if you come.


  • We are a family that welcomes everyone with the love and truth of Jesus. Regardless of how people look, what their financial status is, or what their past or present struggles may be, they are loved here.


  • Worship is an all-day every day pursuit. We love music in our worship services, but we know that what God desires is that we put lift Him up and glorify Him every day, even when we are not at church!


  • God’s Word informs not only what we believe but how we live. Our source of authority is not a church denomination, constitution or some other religious document. Only the Bible has withstood the test of time; and it is what we focus on in all areas of ministry.


  • Excellence is something we desire in everything we do. Whatever we do, it is about the glory of God. And because it is for God, we want to do it with excellence. This includes hard work, and doing the very best we can in every aspect of service.


  • We encourage everyone to take next steps in following Jesus. Sometimes people use churches as a place to hide and just enjoy the show. But here, it is our desire to give everyone who comes the opportunity to take a next step toward Jesus; and to help others take a next step as well.


  • This is a community of people who are doing life together. We are interested, not just in having more people come to services, or to give more; but our interest is in the people themselves. And we believe the best way to grow is to get to know each other and walk this journey together. One way we do that is through life group, our small group ministry.

  • Everything we do is missions. Although we do take missions trips as a church, and support missionaries around the world, we believe that everything we give and participate in is missions. We do not have to leave the country to serve God and others. In all aspects of ministry, we are attempting to demonstrate God’s love to others, so that they can come to know and follow Him.