Discussion Questions – Week of August 16, 2020

Message: Worship Unashamed

  1. What was a time when you showed excitement and/or devotion toward someone or something, without worrying about how other’s thought of you?
  1. Respond to God with unashamed praise
  • Read II Samuel 6:12-25
  • How did David respond to God’s presence with unashamed praise?
  • What is a real situation in which you demonstrated life worship without a thought to how other’s thought of you?
  1. Criticism will come with unashamed praise
  • Read II Samuel 6:16,20-23
  • What was the criticism that Michal had of David; and how can you understand her view?
  • What was David’s response to her criticism?
  1. Next Steps

A. Don’t criticize others for their expressions of worship to God

  • How have you been critical of others, in this area, in the past?
  • What would help you not be so critical of others in worship?

B. Don’t allow criticism to keep you from unashamed worship

  • How has your concern for what others think kept you from unashamed life worship in the past?
  • What would be helpful to you in times when you need to disregard what others think of your unashamed worship?
  1. Wonder at the creative God is unashamed praise
  • Read Job 11:7; 36:26; Romans 11:33
  • Read Psalm 8:1-5
  • How does God as Creator bring praise from your heart?
  • Read Romans 1:20-22,25
  • How do most people respond to God as Creator?
  1. What are some things you can do, in application, to live in unashamed praise?


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