Discussion Questions – Week of January 3, 2021


Jonah 1

  1. What are your memories of playing Hide and Seek?
  1. What is one thing that caught your attention from this message?
  1. Read Jonah 1 and discuss your observations from just reading it.
  1. In what ways can you relate to Jonah and in what ways can you not?
  1. What are the things in Jonah 1, that demonstrate Jonah’s rebellion against God?
  1. What, in Jonah 1, demonstrates God unrelenting love toward Jonah and commitment to His purpose?
  1. Do you agree with the idea that Jonah is more about God (mentioned 38 times) than it is about the fish (4 times), the city of Nineveh (9 times), or even Jonah (18 times)? Why or why not?
  1. Discuss the summary statement of Jonah 1 in the message:

When we run from God, He runs from us

  1. Are you willing to take THE CHALLENGE?

Ask God to help you answer 3 questions…

  • What is one way in the past that you ran from God and how did He pursue you?
  • Are you currently running from God (going against something he has clearly explained in his Word)?
  • How has God showed His love and faithfulness toward you over the years?


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