Discussion Questions – Week of July 12

The Day God Died series

Message 2: Why did they want Him dead?


  1. How does it impact your worship, positively or negatively, to watch a message that is recorded rather than viewing it, in person, live?


  1. What caught your attention from today’s message?


  1. Discuss this statement from the message today: “God uses human beings own free choices to accomplish His greater purpose.” Agree or disagree, and why?


  1. Why did they want Jesus dead? 1. Triumphal entry; 2. The enticing of the city
  • Read Luke 19:28-42; John 12:19
  • From these passages, what sticks out to you as what caused the religious leaders to want Jesus dead?


  1. How do the following descriptions of the religious groups involved in wanting Jesus dead, help your understanding of what is happening during this last week of Jesus’ life?
  • Jewish Scribes – religious lawyers; interpreters of Mosaic law for people
  • Sadducees – Connected to the wealthy and powerful political groups; close connection to Rome; maintained the Temple grounds
  • Pharisees – more connected with the average Jewish person; wanted to maintain a distinct Jewish culture; some Pharisees did follow Jesus, such as Paul, Nicodemus, and Joseph of Arimathea
  • Sanhedrin – 71 men, a combination of all 3 previously mentioned groups; supreme court of Israel, combining politics and religion; judges that ruled the nation under Rome’s watchful eye and approval


  1. Discuss Reason 3 they wanted Jesus dead – Turning over the tables of the money changers
  • Joseph Caiaphas was the High Priest chosen by the Roman Empire; he went into the Holy of Holies once a year to offer sacrifice for the people; he led the Sanhedrin
  • Read Exodus 30:12-16 – obeying these regulations for the atonement tax is how the High Priest and religious leaders profited. This was their largest source of revenue, as they exchanged money and allowed for the purchase of animals for sacrifice, at a price high above market value.
  • Read Mark 11:15-18; Matthew 21:15,16 and discuss how Jesus’ actions would have made them upset enough to want to kill Him


  1. Discuss Reason 4 they wanted Jesus dead – Conflicts with the religious leaders
  • Read Matthew 21:23-32; 23:1-7,13-17,23-32
  • How did Jesus feel about the religious leaders and how do you think this made them more determined to get rid of Him?


  1. Discuss Reason 5 they wanted Jesus dead – The Devil influenced Judas to get involved in the plot
  • Read Mark 14:3-11; Luke 22:3-6
  • How did the Devil and Judas play into the plot to take Jesus’ life?


  1. Read John 12:27-33
  • Why did Jesus go through all of this?
  • What does this have to do with you?



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