Discussion Questions – Week of July 19, 2020

The Day God Died series

Message 3: The conspiracy and arrest of Jesus


  1. What is your favorite conspiracy theory to discuss?


  1. What caught your attention from today’s message?


  1. Read Matthew 26:3-5
  • This was a meeting of the Sanhedrin at High Priest Caiaphas’ home
  • What was their plan?
  • What was their concern?


  1. Read Matthew 12:14,15; Luke 4:28-30; John 7:30,32,45-49
  • In what circumstances, did people try to arrest or kill Jesus?
  • What was the end result of those situations?
  • How did this connect to Jesus saying that “his hour had not yet come”?


  1. Discuss how the Sabbath, Passover, and Feast of Unleavened Bread were connected to the crucifixion of Jesus
  • The Sabbath was every week, beginning at sunset on Friday and ending sunset on Saturday
  • The Passover was an annual feast celebrating the 10th plague in Egypt where the Death Angel killed the firstborn of Egypt but not the Israelites since they had the blood of a lamb spread on their doorpost. The Death Angel passed over them
  • The Feast of Unleavened Bread began the weeklong Passover celebration
  • Read Exodus 12:12,13; Matthew 26:45


  1. Read Matthew 26:14-16; Mark 14:12-17; John 13:25-30;

I Corinthians 11:23-26

  • What is happening with Judas Iscariot?
  • How does the Passover celebration connect to the communion that we celebrate today?


  1. Read Matthew 26:38,39; Mark 14:33,36,41-43; Luke 22:53
  • What was going on in Jesus’ heart and mind while at the Mount of Olives (Garden of Gethsemane), getting ready for his arrest?


  1. Discuss what could be referred to as a Divine Conspiracy
  • “A secret plan by God to do something unbelievable and eternal”
  • “A loving holy God conspired to save guilty sinful people”
  • Read Acts 2:23,24,27,28


  1. Read Matthew 27:54; Acts 6:7; Romans 10:9,10; 14:10-12
  • How did it affect others and how could the divine conspiracy affect you?



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