Discussion Questions – Week of July 26, 2020

The Day God Died series

Message 4 – The Trials of Jesus


  1. Have you ever been involved in a court case in any way?


  1. What caught your attention from this message?


  1. Discuss the parts of Jesus’ trials where the law was followed closely and the parts that would be illegal today…
  • Legal – they needed Rome’s approval to kill Jesus; they needed a charge against Jesus that would stick
  • Illegal – nighttime trial; paying a betrayer; no formal charge; rushed, one day trial; intervention of the high priest; lack of a defense; unjustified verdict


  1. For the Jewish trial, Jesus goes before Annas (the former high priest) and Caiaphas (the current high priest and son-in-law to Annas)
  • Read John 18:12,13,20-24
  • Discuss Jesus’ time before Annas
  • Read Matthew 26:60,61,65,66; Mark 14:55,56,59-62,65
  • Discuss the witnesses, their testimony and the high priest’s response


  1. For the Roman trial, Jesus appears to Pilate the first time
  • Read and discuss Matthew 27:1,2; Luke 23:2; John 18:29-31
  • Read and discuss Matthew 27:11-14
  • Read and discuss Matthew 27:18,19; Luke 23:4-7


  1. Read Luke 23:8-12 and discuss Herod’s desire and discussion with Jesus


  1. Jesus went to Pilate a second and final time
  • Read Mark 15:12-14; John 19:1,4-13; Matthew 27:24,25; John 19:16
  • Discuss Pilate’s interaction with Jesus, the religious leaders and the crowd


  1. What is your verdict?
  • Read John 3:36; Romans 10:9,10
  • Is this a decision you have already made personal? When and where?


  1. Discuss what your application is to this message



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