Discussion Questions – Week of May 31, 2020

Remembering Jesus


  1. What is one thing you remember about one person who died that had an impact on your life?


  1. What is one thing that caught your attention from this message?


  1. Read I Timothy 5:8; Galatians 6:10; I John 3:16-18 and discuss principle #7 for biblically addressing a crisis: Help those in need


  1. Read I Corinthians 11:23-26; Luke 6:13-16. If you were a disciple, at the table during the last supper, what might have been your response to what Jesus said at that meal? Which of the guys listed do you relate to the most and why?


  1. Read about Andrew in John 1:35-42 and discuss what he might remember

Question for you: Does the change that Jesus brought to your life motivate you to introduce others to Him?


  1. Read about Bartholomew (Nathanael) in John 1:45-51 and discuss what he might remember

Question for you: Do you remember the time when Jesus changed your life forever?


  1. Read about James in Mark 14:32-42 and discuss what he might remember

Question for you: Despite your weaknesses, are you giving your all to be spiritually alert?


  1. Read Luke 11:1-4 and consider what James, the son of Alphaeus, as one of the disciples there may have experienced

Question: Do you pray, with adoration, confession, and requests for God’s will to be done?


  1. Read about John in Mark 9:38-41 and discuss what he might remember

Question: How impartial are you in your acceptance of other Christ-followers who are not just like you?


  1. Read John 14:19-23 and discuss what Judas, son of James might remember

Question: Will you trust God to accomplish His purposes in his way?


  1. Read about Matthew in Matthew 9:9-13 and discuss what he might remember

Question: Are you focused on relationships with non-believers, just as Jesus was?


  1. Read about Philip in John 6:5-7 and discuss what he might remember

Question: What is God asking you to believe by faith, about what He can do?


  1. Read Matthew 14:25-33 and discuss what Simon Peter might remember

Question: How is God asking you to “step out of the boat” and respond in some act of faith?


  1. Read I Peter 2:21-24 and consider what Simon the Zealot might have learned from watching Jesus go through suffering rather than fighting back

Question: When you suffer, are you willing to commit it all to God’s hands?


  1. Read John 20:24-29 and consider what Thomas might remember

Question: While others doubt, are you willing to love, obey, and serve a God you cannot see?


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