Discussion Questions – Week of November 1, 2020

How Would Jesus Vote?

  1. What was the first election that you voted in? How involved do you like to get in politics, and why?
  1. What is one thing that caught your attention from this message?
  1. TRUTH 1: God is neither Republican nor Democrat
  • How important is this truth?
  • Read Joshua 5:13,14 and discuss how this passage relates to whose side God is on
  1. TRUTH 2: God is not an American
  • Why is this difficult for many to accept?
  • Read Psalm 33:12; Proverbs 14:34; II Chronicles 7:14 and discuss how these passages could be used correctly or incorrectly
  1. TRUTH 3: God is God and we are not
  • How does this truth relate to a political election?
  • Read Daniel 4:35; Job 38:4,12,36; 40:2; Isaiah 55:8; Psalm 115:3 and discuss how these verses relate to this truth
  1. TRUTH 4: God’s goal is to glorify Himself
  • How can we lose sight of this in an election?
  • Read Exodus 1:8,10-13,15,16; 3:19,20; 4:21; 7:3-5,17; 8:10,22; 9:12,14,16; 10:1,2,20,27; 11:9,10; Psalm 75:7; Daniel 2:20,21 and discuss how this relates to this truth
  1. SO WHAT?
  • Trust in God, not man – Read Psalm 146:3-5; Jeremiah 17:7 and discuss how you can apply this practically
  • Pray – Read I Timothy 2:1,2 and discuss how to apply this specifically
  • Focus on heart change – Read I Timothy 2:3-5 and discuss how this applies to our involvement in politics
  • Live in love, not fear – Read I John 4;18; II Timothy 1:7 and discuss how to do this


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