Discussion Questions – Week of November 8, 2020

Who Am I?

  1. How have you handled the election results from this last week? Were you able to give them into God’s hands, and trust His sovereign plan?
  1. How does our definition for worship – “Worship is responding to who God is and what He has done by giving ourselves completely to Him.” – fit the story of Moses?
  1. Moses lacked the credibility and God provided the power (4:1-9)
  • Read Exodus 4:1-9
  • Moses’ weakness: No one will believe me
  • In what area of life, do you feel that you have no credibility?
  • God’s strength: They will believe my miracles
  • So What? I will rely on God’s credibility – Can you say it?
  1. Moses lacked the ability and God provided the help (4:10-12)
  • Read Exodus 4:10-12
  • Moses’ weakness: I am not a good public speaker
  • What is one of your greatest weaknesses, which, in your opinion, is keeping you from doing anything great for God?
  • God’s strength: I will empower your words
  • So What? I will rely on God’s strength – Can you say it?
  • Read II Corinthians 12:9,10 and talk about how this applies to you
  1. Moses lacked the courage and God provided the assistance (4:13-17, 27-29)
  • Moses weakness: Let someone else do it
  • What is one thing, which God has given you the responsibility to do, which you would like to say: let someone else do it?
  • God’s strength: I will give you a partner
  • So What? I will do it with the help God provides – Can you say it?
  • Read Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 and talk about how this applies to you
  1. Lacked perfection and God provided the plan (4:18-26,30,31)
  • Moses took the first step of obedience
  • What is the next step of obedience, which God is asking you to take?
  • Moses’ weakness: I sin
  • God’s strength: I will still accomplish my will
  • So What? I will pursue this knowing that God will accomplish His plan
  • Read Ephesians 2:10 and talk about how this applies to you

What is your next step?


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