Discussion Questions – Week of October 11, 2020

Connected through the Cross

  1. What is an experience in your life, when you felt the most unified with a group of people? Please explain.
  1. Read I Corinthians 1:10-17 and talk about what captures your attention from this passage of Scripture
  1. Read I Corinthians 1:10 and talk about what you think Paul meant when shared the goal of unity
  1. Read I Corinthians 1:11,12; Acts 18:24-19:1
  • Can you relate to arguing over leaders? And if so, explain
  • Who were the leaders they were divided over, and why do you think they chose certain leaders over other ones?
  1. Read I Corinthians 1:13-16
  • What are the arguments Paul makes as to why they should not be divided but united by Christ?
  • What arguments does Paul make as to why no one should be arguing about Him, but instead be following Christ for the right reasons?
  1. Read I Corinthians 1:17,18; 15:1-4
  • According to these verses, who and what unifies us?
  • Talk about how the cross of Christ is a unifying influence
  • How would the cross help bring us together, even in the midst of disagreements on health, social issues, and politics?
  1. Read I Corinthians 1:8,9 and discuss what this means for you, eternally, as well as temporally, working through the issues of today.
  1. Read the “For Unity” commitments and discuss how you can apply them
  • We will not allow personal preference issues within the church to divide us
  • We will not allow our strong opinions outside the church to divide us
  • We will not allow Christian leaders or other viewpoints to divide us
  • We will unify around the cross of Christ

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