Weymouth Church Bulletin

Weymouth Community Church is committed to helping people follow Jesus, in Medina and beyond. If you have questions about the church or your own spiritual life, feel free to contact Pastor Greg Whiting at greg@weymouthchurch.com.

Special Note

In-person, public worship services are at 10:30am. For a video review of what to expect, our Facebook page and website are both updated to include the welcome back tour at the top of the welcome back posts. If you have any additional questions, concerns, or prayer requests, call the church office (330-723-1750).

A few things to remember if you plan to join us for in-person worship:

  • We are trying to give you a touch-free worship experience
  • There are masks, tissues, and hand sanitizer available
  • Bring everything you need including a Bible, something to write with and on, a water bottle, and anything you need for your young children while here
  • We are keeping our social distance for your and others’ protection

Join us live on Facebook, Sunday mornings at 10:30

You can also view or listen to the message at a later time on our website. If you know of someone who does not have internet access, printouts of the message can be sent to them…just let us know!

Join us for Communion this Sunday

  • Here at WCC: Communion elements will be set up front and instructions will be given at the beginning of the message. Elements will be prepared in as safe a way as possible.
  • At home: If you are joining us for worship at home, you can prepare your own communion elements. Find something small to eat and drink that will serve as symbols for you to remember Jesus’ body and blood. And when we partake, you can do it right along with us!

Nursery Sunday School

We miss you, little friends! We hope all nursery parents are receiving our emails—please let Emily Varner (emily@varnernet.com) know if you are not so that you can receive updates and a PDF of the nursery coloring page for this month and the video password. A video for our current nursery lesson and memory verse is posted at https://weymouthchurch.com/ministries/childrens-ministry/.

Bible reading schedule 2020

Join the Next Steps Men’s Discipleship Group in reading through the Bible in 2020. We are reading it in a unique way, from a different genre of Scripture each day: Sunday, Epistles; Monday, The Law; Tuesday, History; Wednesday, Psalms; Thursday, Poetry; Friday, Prophecy; and Saturday, Gospels. This week’s schedule:

Sun., 2 Timothy 1-2; Mon., Numbers 9-12; Tues., 1 Chronicles 15-19;

Wed., Psalms 105-107; Thurs., Proverbs 22; Fri., Joel; Sat., John 13-15

Bible reading podcast

If you go to our website and click on Next Steps, then select Podcast, from there you can choose from a daily Bible reading podcast by Pastor Greg. It connects with our Bible reading schedule 2020, and he gives some devotional thoughts along the way.

 The Worship Tech Team is looking for volunteers!

With the addition of live streaming our services, we need some more help producing them. Opportunities to learn basic camera operation and video production are available. If you are interested please contact Doug Varner via email at tech@weymouthchurch.com.

If you would like to be added to our all-church emails …

please contact the church at office@weymouthchurch.com and an invitation to join Church Community Builder will be emailed to you.

If you have a prayer request …

for the prayer sheet, you can let the church office know via email or phone (office@weymouthchurch.com or 330-723-1750).

Options for worshiping through giving 

  • Mail your check to the church.
  • Give online—Go to weymouthchurch.com; click Give Online; click Make a Donation; and follow the directions.
  • Give at our in-person worship service—Use a giving envelope and place your offering in the black box.

Meeting with Pastor Greg

Pastor Greg wants to meet with every family who counts WCC as their home. During these days of Covid-19, Pastor Greg would like to meet with each of you sometime in August. You can meet at church or at home, inside or outside, in person or online. Please contact the church office or Pastor Greg directly to set up a meeting. Thanks!

Thank You from Our Missions Partners

Here are some more thank you notes from our missions partners, to whom we sent a gift of $1,000 to help during Covid.


From Ron & Rosa Fisher in Lancaster, PA, and Milan, Italy

We received your handwritten note two days ago and were so taken aback that we delayed answering. The congregation’s generosity to your missionaries is overwhelming and totally unexpected.

We thought about a handwritten thank you note in return, but wondered when it would arrive. We’re sure this email will arrive sooner and will facilitate sharing it with members of the missions committee and others.

Rosa and I are especially thankful considering our age. You could easily feel that we have been supported long enough, and that there is no reason to treat us like the other missionaries. So we are deeply touched by your faithfulness to us “from the first day until now” and are encouraged to “abound in the work of the Lord.”—Warmly in our Lord…


From Bob & Annie Miller in Georgia

WCC has certainly been faithful to us! Thirty-one years ago you trusted us to share our Savior’s love with soldiers. We are humbled, honored, and thankful for your love and we rejoice in the soldiers we see serving God in His Army.

We are grateful for your prayers and financial support. We smile knowing our Lord sees and remembers your loving ministry to us (Hebrews 6:10). You encourage us and we pray Christ will bless your outreach in Medina and around the world! Rejoicing in His many blessings with you!


From Laura Pixton and Live Inspired

I am so blessed to be part of such a generous church family! Everyone involved with Live Inspired—our board, our staff, our home visitors, and the families we serve—are grateful for your ongoing prayers and financial support. The extra funds we received from the church are a delightful gift that will be put to good use for Medina County families and their young children. Thank you!


From Marilyn Andrews in Bolivia

We want to express our thanks to you for the generous, $1,000, financial gift you sent to SIM for our support. We are reminded again that the Lord has us in His hand and will always provide for our needs. We appreciate your friendship and partnership with us over the years and pray that the Lord will continue to bless your ministry there in northeast Ohio and beyond. Thank you!


We have a new Office Administrator!

We are excited to announce that we have hired Jenn Martin to fill our part-time Office Administrator’s position. Jenn comes to the WCC staff with experience in Social Services and strong communication skills. She is scheduled to start on September 3rd with her training and we are confident in her abilities to effectively manage the office and serve WCC. Please find a way to give Jenn a warm and supportive welcome!


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