Weymouth Church Bulletin

Weymouth Community Church is committed to helping people follow Jesus, in Medina and beyond. If you have questions about the church or your own spiritual life, feel free to contact Pastor Greg Whiting at greg@weymouthchurch.com. 

Special Note

In-person, public worship services are at 10:30am. For a video review of what to expect, our Facebook page and website are both updated to include the welcome back tour at the top of the welcome back posts. If you have any additional questions, concerns, or prayer requests, call the church office (330-723-1750).

A few things to remember if you plan to join us for in-person worship:

  • We are trying to give you a touch-free worship experience
  • There are masks, tissues, and hand sanitizer available
  • Bring everything you need including a Bible, something to write with and on, a water bottle, and anything you need for your young children while here
  • We are keeping our social distance for your and others’ protection

Join us live on Facebook, Sunday mornings at 10:30

You can also view or listen to the message at a later time on our website. If you know of someone who does not have internet access, printouts of the message can be sent to them…just let us know!

All-church Sunday School this week, Sunday, November 22nd

Ron and Rosa Fisher of Cross World, will be our guest and will give a presentation of their ministry in Europe and Africa during the Sunday School hour (9 am-10 am).  All of the classes will combine for the presentation and meet in the large classroom marked Grades1-2.  If anyone would like to participate via Zoom, please use the link below:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 831 0191 1726
Passcode: 016152  

All church fellowship has returned to WCC!

This week our community room will be open, for coffee, donuts and fellowship, between 10:00-10:25am.  Please practice social distancing and keep all food and drink in the community room.  Thanks to Mark Iacona and the guest services ministry team for serving us in this way.

Bible reading schedule 2020

Join our church in reading through the Bible in 2020.  This week’s schedule:

Sun., II Peter; Mon., Deuteronomy 16-19; Tues., Ezra 6-10;

Wed., Psalm 137-139; Thurs., Ecclesiastes 11,12; Fri., Malachi; Sat., Acts 19,20 

Bible reading podcast

If you go to our website and click on Next Steps, then select Podcast, from there you can choose from a daily Bible reading podcast by Pastor Greg. It connects with our Bible reading schedule 2020, and he gives some devotional thoughts along the way. 

If you would like to be added to our all-church emails …

please contact the church at office@weymouthchurch.com and an invitation to join Church Community Builder will be emailed to you. 

If you have a prayer request …

for the prayer sheet, you can let the church office know via email or phone (office@weymouthchurch.com or 330-723-1750).    If you would like to receive prayer emails, please contact the church office. 

Options for worshiping through giving 

  • Mail your check to the church.
  • Give online—Go to weymouthchurch.com; click Give Online; click Make a Donation; and follow the directions.
  • Give at our in-person worship service—Use a giving envelope and place your offering in the black box.

Welcome Sandi Fredericy!

God has answered our prayer and our cleaning position has been filled by Sandi Fredericy.  We welcome her as part of the team at WCC!

Daily Bread Devotionals

The Daily Bread devotional books for January/February/ March 2021 are now available.  If you would like a copy for yourself or someone else, please contact the church office.

Meeting with Pastor Greg

Pastor Greg wants to meet with every family who counts WCC as their home. During these days of Covid-19, Pastor Greg would like to meet with each of you sometime in November or December. You can meet at church or at home, inside or outside, in person or online. Please contact the church office or Pastor Greg directly to set up a meeting. Thanks!

Annual Christmas Giving Project

This Christmas, our church will partner up with Laura’s Home to provide the women and children staying there with stockings full of necessities and goodies!  Please sign up and take a “boy” or “girl” stocking from the Community Room and fill it with any of the items listed below.  All stockings will be due December 6th.  If you would like to pick up a stocking during the week, please contact the church office to set up a time to do so. Ideas for stocking fillers

–candy -hats -gloves -small toys -coloring books – crayons -hair stuff –bubbles            – toothbrushes -toy cars –action figures –toothpaste – card games -pencils -socks      -underwear

Ladies WOW Event!

Please consider joining us for our  Ladies WOW event.  There are still spots available.  All of the details are listed below.  CDC guidelines for the church will be followed.  Everyone is required to wear a mask and will be spaced appropriately.

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